We offer a wide range of services to address your story based needs. 

Media and Communications Training

The Persuasive Power of Presence

Drawing on current research in cognitive neuroscience and decades of experience in the performing arts, this 10 week one-on-one personalised course takes you through the theory and practice of embodied storytelling. Through a combination of presentations, conversations, questionnaires, prompts and online resources you will learn how to harness your authentic voice to more effectively communicate with others, be it with an individual, or to an audience, either in-person or online. You will gain the tools to understand what difficulties might be preventing your message from landing how you would like, you will learn about story structure, body-language, as well as camera, lighting and recording equipment. Unlock your presentational and conversational ability and share your passion with the world.

From R15,000

The 10 sessions will cover:

1. The Foundations of Presence
2. Craft Your Compelling Story
3. Body Language that Connects
4. Find Your Vocal Power
5. Conquering Camera Presence
6. Handling Q&A and Challenging Conversations
7. Mastering Storytelling for Impact
8. Rehearse and Refine
9. Deliver with Confidence
10. Beyond the Sessions

Exploring Your Story

This program is designed to get to the heart of your story so that you can confidently express it to yourself and others. Through a guided series of questionnaires and evaluations, using the framework of traditional story structure, we will work together to find the core of your story. 

From R1,000

Corporate Media Training

It is important that everyone in an organization is able to speak confidently and authoritatively about what they do and why they do it, be they leadership, management,  or employee. This offering is designed for groups, but is also suitable for individuals, and utilizes tools in the actor’s toolbox to bring people out of their heads and into their bodies. 

From R20,000

Web Design

Website Design, Construction, and Management

Visitors to your website really are on a journey, and it’s our job to make them feel at once at home and curious about what they might find around the next corner. Useful focuses of websites for individuals, sole proprietors and SMEs. Be it a blog, a portfolio, for a business or purely personal, work with us to create a website that tells the right story.

From R5,000

Digital Learning Design

Online Course Design

We utilize story as a primary mode through which we approach online and digital learning. Are you a professional who has amassed a wealth of knowledge but are unsure how best to present it to an online audience? Useful works with academics and professionals in all fields to help them craft their online content, and to present their learning material in a way that is authentic and engaging. Because the same principles apply whether teaching about astrophysics or architecture, we are able to parse and assimilate the dense information of your field and structure it in a way that is logical, authoritative, approachable, and captivating.

From R7,000

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